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Blissful Mountain Homestay - Decorative Border
Providing Hospitality the Correct Way
Blissful Mountain Homestay - Hiking/Trekking Adventure


Explore the wild wonders! Join us for guided hikes to scenic spots like Sunset Point and Kyarki Village, enhancing your stay with adventure.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Free 24/7 WiFi

Free 24/7 Wifi​

Stay connected anytime, anywhere. Enjoy complimentary 24/7 WiFi, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your blissful retreat. Must Visit Us!

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Culinary Delights

Delicious Food​

Delicious culinary delights! Indulge in a symphony of flavors with our delectable menu, crafted to satisfy every palate. A feast for your senses awaits.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Clean Washrooms

Modern Bathrooms

Sleek and chic! Our modern bathrooms offer a luxurious retreat, blending style and functionality for an indulgent and refreshing experience.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Dive into local traditions! Immerse in a rich cultural experience, from traditional rituals to vibrant festivities, making memories that last a lifetime.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Cool/Hot Water Amenities

Cool/Hot Water

Indulge in comfort with our on-demand cool or hot water supply, ensuring a refreshing experience throughout your stay. Relax and rejuvenate effortlessly.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Live Music Nights

Live Music​

Feel the rhythm, savor the vibes. Immerse yourself in unforgettable moments with live music, making your stay a melodic experience.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Convenient Car/Bike Rental

Car/Bike Rental​

Seamless exploration awaits! Rent a car or bike with us for a convenient journey, unlocking the freedom to roam and discover at your pace.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Bonfire with Snacks

Bonfire with snacks​

Embrace warmth and camaraderie by our crackling bonfire. Savor delightful snacks as you share stories under the starlit sky. Enjoy being with us today. 

Escape To Nature With Us - Your Nature Escape Awaits!

Embark on a transformative journey at Blissful Mountain Homestay. Rejuvenate your spirit, relish panoramic vistas, and create lasting memories. Escape to Nature with us.

Join us in the heart of Kyarki Village, where each moment echoes with the tranquility of the mountains. Book your retreat now.

Real Stories, Real Experiences Echoes of Bliss: What Our Guests Say

Step into the world of Blissful Mountain Homestay through the eyes of our cherished guests. Uncover the magic that defines their stay and discover your own sanctuary. Each review is a testament to the enchantment awaiting you at Blissful Mountain Homestay.

Great hosting, Great food, Hygienic rooms.

Had an amazing evening here… With one of the best sunset of my life. Great hosting, Great food, Hygienic rooms and amazing vibes. If you’re looking for a moment of peace please go ahead.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Customer Review

Sunil Karwasara

Impeccable Hygiene, Heartwarming Staff, and Culinary Delights

Highly recommended, Impeccable Hygiene, Heartwarming Staff, and Culinary Delights that Elevate the Senses. Astonishing Views Await Beyond Every Window.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Customer Testimonial

Rigzin Lonpo

Blissful Mountain Homestay is the best homestay in Rishikesh!

I stayed there for 3 days and i must say it is a true haven! breathtaking views, the food is delicious and the best hospitality. Blissful Mountain Homestay is the best homestay in Rishikesh!

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Memorable Stay

Kunwar Akash Patel

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