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Blissful Mountain Homestay

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Discover serenity at Blissful Mountain Homestay, where breathtaking views meet warm hospitality Immerse yourself in nature’s embrace for an unforgettable retreat, just a short 20-minute drive from lively Rishikesh. Nestled on Kyarki Hills, this hidden gem unveils panoramic views of Maa Ganga and the city below. Explore nearby wonders like the Maa Ganga River, Sunset Point, and Neer Waterfall.

For adventure seekers, indulge in trekking, hiking, bird watching, and immerse yourself in farm life. Your perfect adventure begins here, where tranquility meets adventure.

Blissful Mountain Homestay

Serene Homestay in Kyarki Village, Rishikesh

Nestled in the serene embrace of Kyarki Village in Rishikesh, Blissful Mountain Homestay offers an idyllic escape for those seeking peace and tranquility. With six thoughtfully designed rooms, our homestay is a haven where modern comfort meets the rustic charm of the mountains.

Surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, Blissful Mountain Homestay provides a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and warm hospitality. Each room is a cocoon of comfort, offering a cozy retreat after a day of exploring the scenic wonders that Rishikesh has to offer.

Whether you’re an avid trekker, a spiritual seeker, or simply in search of a quiet getaway, our homestay caters to all. Wake up to the crisp mountain air and breathtaking views, and embark on a journey of self-discovery amidst the tranquility of Kyarki Village.

Blissful Mountain Homestay is not just a destination; it’s an experience that lingers in your heart long after you’ve left. Come, indulge in the simplicity of mountain life, and let the bliss of our homestay become a cherished memory of your Rishikesh sojourn.

Rishikesh Nature - Scenic Beauty
Rishikesh Nature - Serene Landscape

Nearby Attractions

 “Explore True Rishikesh”

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Best Ganga River View
Blissful Mountain Homestay - Neer Waterfall

Neer Waterfall

Distance: 9 min (2.6 km)

Blissful Mountain Homestay - River Rafting Adventure

Ganga "River Rafting"

Distance: 12 min (3.8 km)

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Sunset Point

Sunset Point

Distance: 5 min (1.5 km)

Kyarki Village, Bliss

Where Nature Harmonizes with Your Soul

Welcome to Kyarki Village – a reality, not just a dream. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled allure of Blissful Mountain Homestay. Inhale the crisp Himalayan air, luxuriate in sun-kissed meadows, and absorb the panoramic allure of Rishikesh. Break free from the mundane and unearth your bliss amidst nature’s marvel. Kyarki is more than accommodation; it’s an opportunity to rediscover yourself and encounter genuine serenity at Blissful Mountain Homestay. Join us today and make every moment a blissful escape!”

Embark on a Natural Getaway with Us!

Discover serenity with us – your tranquil escape to nature awaits. Immerse yourself in the bliss of Blissful Mountain Homestay for an unforgettable retreat in Kyarki Village.

Real Stories, Real Experiences Echoes of Bliss: What Our Guests Say

Step into the world of Blissful Mountain Homestay through the eyes of our cherished guests. Uncover the magic that defines their stay and discover your own sanctuary. Each review is a testament to the enchantment awaiting you at Blissful Mountain Homestay.

Great hosting, Great food, Hygienic rooms.

Had an amazing evening here… With one of the best sunset of my life. Great hosting, Great food, Hygienic rooms and amazing vibes. If you’re looking for a moment of peace please go ahead.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Customer Review

Sunil Karwasara

Impeccable Hygiene, Heartwarming Staff, and Culinary Delights

Highly recommended, Impeccable Hygiene, Heartwarming Staff, and Culinary Delights that Elevate the Senses. Astonishing Views Await Beyond Every Window.

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Customer Testimonial

Rigzin Lonpo

Blissful Mountain Homestay is the best homestay in Rishikesh!

I stayed there for 3 days and i must say it is a true haven! breathtaking views, the food is delicious and the best hospitality. Blissful Mountain Homestay is the best homestay in Rishikesh!

Blissful Mountain Homestay - Memorable Stay

Kunwar Akash Patel

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